Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)

University of Lahore

The program is structured around a core of knowledge related to analytical and management tools, supplemented by advanced technical electives in the areas of power engineering and electronics and communication engineering. Consisting of 30 credit hours, the students must study eight subjects of 3 credit hours each. In addition, he/she will submit a research thesis of 6 credit hours. The detail of the program is given in the curriculum the degree is offered with or without thesis.



BS (Electrical Engg, Electronics Engg,Telecom Engg, Computer Engg, Communication Engg) from PEC recognized University with min 2.5 CGPA (Semester Sys) or 60% (Annual Sys). Interview & Entry test & GAT arranged by NTS

Why this


This program has been designed for working professionals who wish to enhance their technical skills for career advancement. Students will gain ability to use advance mathematics and stochastic processes for analysis of engineering problems, acquire understanding and appreciation of concepts related to their choice of field such as Power, Communication and Electronics Engineering. The program enhances the strength of the students in the area of their interest and makes them prepared to compete in higher intellectual and academic pursuits such as PhD programs.

Courses Offered


        S/N          Course Code                            Course Title                                                                              Credit Hour    


1 MAT12638 Mathematical Methods for Engineers 3
2 EE02504 Advanced Power System Protection 3
3 EE02527 Power System Quality, Reliability and Planning 3
4 EE02515 Power Circuit Breakers and Substations 3
5 EE02503 Advanced High Voltage Engineering 3
6 EE03304 Digital Communication System 3
7 EE05604 Advanced Digital Signal Processing 3
8 EE03603 Advance Stochastic Process 3
9 EE03601 Advance Computer Communication Network 3
10 EE11601 Research Thesis 6
11 EE02505 Computational Power System Analysis 3
13 EE02513 Load Flow and Stability Analysis 3
14 EE04411 Medical Electronics 3
15 EE02612 Insulation Coordination 3
16 EE04517 Switch Mode Power Supply 3
17 EE02532 Transients in Power 3
18 EE02431 Renewable Energy Systems 3
19 EE03505 Communication Methods for Engineers 3
20 EE03601 Advanced Communication Networks 3
21 EE03502 Advanced Digital Communication 3
22 PHY16505 Advanced Engineering Electro Dynamics 3
23 EE08511 Analysis and Design of Rf Circuits and Systems 3
24 EE08408 Antenna Theory and Design 3
25 EE04603 Computational Electrodynamics 3
26 EE08407 Electromagnetic Compatibility 3
27 EE07507 Embedded Systems Design 3
28 EE05505 Encryptology 3
29 EE05507 Fundamentals of Radar Signal Processing 3
30 EE05508 Information Theory and Source Coding 3
32 EE08612 Non Linear Microwave and Rf Circuits 3
33 EE08613 Numerical Electromagnetic 3
34 EE03619 Performance and Evaluation of Communication Networks 3
35 EE07512 Realtime Embedded Systems 3
36 EE05506 Introduction to Cryptology 3
37 EE03420 Satellite Communication 3
38 EE03522 Telecomm Networks Planning and Economics 3
39 EE08514 Theory and Design of Microwave Filters 3
40 EE03425 Wireless Communication 3

*  This list is not Exhaustive
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Full Time, 2 Years, 30 credit hours (with course base option)
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