Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering (Ph.D)

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University of Lahore

Program Name:                    Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering (Ph.D)


·        Power Engineering

·        Communication Engineering

Program Eligibility:


who can get admission to PhD course

Any person who has completed 18 years of education from an HEC recognized university (MPhil/MS) or  any other examination declared equivalent to 18  years of education by HEC in the relevant subject is eligible for admission to PhD course, provided that the applicant has obtained not less than 3.00 CGPA or equivalent grade in his /Her last examination.



This Degree

PhD program in Electrical Engineering has been designed to provide graduate engineers a platform to focus their research in sub area of Electrical Engineering such as, Power, Communication Electronics and Control Engineering or mix thereof. The completion of the program facilitates their entry into academic arena and to take possession of their field. The student peruse theoretical and empirical studies supported by the relevant software to confirm the results obtained. The research area is determined by the student’s interest and that of research adviser. External collaboration/funding is always encouraged in the field of research.

PhD program of the university is duly approved by the HEC


The PhD course is of 3-5 Years duration 

Invariably research must be completed in 6 semester following the completion of course work

Student must maintain CGPA of 3.00 or above in each semester.