Department Publications

Arrangement, have been made to access publication of IEEE, on line. This helps faculty download paper in area of their own interest. Hard copies of IEEE journals are also available in library. Faculty members are motivated to write down paper for publication. Following current research papers are listed below.

S.No Title Type Year Name Group-Name
1 Maximization of Transfer Ratio and Minimization of Harmonics in Three Phase AC/AC Matrix Converter Journal 2017 Umair Tahir
2 Study and Analysis of Shortest Path Algorithms Conference 2016 Muhammad Arslan Shahid
3 Improvements in maintenance of Above Storage Tanks and its future Conference 2016 Muhammad Arslan Shahid
4 Study of Circuit Breakers based on Arc Quenching Medium - A Review Conference 2016 Muhammad Arslan Shahid
5 Practical Sliding Mode Controller in Dc-Dc Converters for use in Hybrid Vehicles Conference 2016 Muhammad Arslan Shahid
6 Application of FIPSO in Smart Transmission Grid Journal 2016 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
7 Optimal Scheduling of Electrical power in Energy-deficient Scenario using Artificial Neural Network and Bootstrap Aggregating Journal 2016 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
8 Non cascaded short-term Hydro-thermal Scheduling using Fully informed particle Swarm Optimization Journal 2015 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
9 Assessment of Voltage Fluctuation and Reactive Power Control with SVC using PSO Journal 2015 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
10 Economic Dispatch using BFO incorporating (PSO-TVAC) and DE Algorithm Journal 2015 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
11 Design and Implementation of Synchronous Generator Excitation Control System Using Fuzzy Logic Controller Journal 2013 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
12 State Estimation and Volt-Vars Control of Smart Distribution Grid Journal 2013 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
13 Variable Speed Drives Effect on Capacitor Bank, their Protection and Enhancing Power Quality of the System Journal 2013 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
14 NTDC And KESK Interconnection using Phase shifting Transformer to reduce Transmission Network Congestion Journal 2013 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
15 Stability Improvement of power system using Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC) Journal 2013 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
16 Evaluation of the Transient Over voltage Stresses on 132 kV Power Transmission Network Journal 2013 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
17 Mathematical Model and Control of Ball on a Beam System Conference 2014 Ansir Ilyas
18 Reinforcement Learning Based Online Control of a Manipulator Conference 2016 Ansir Ilyas
19 Comprehensive Comparison of PWM and SVM based Three Phase AC to AC Matrix Converters Journal 2016 Raheel Muzzammel
20 Fully Informed Particle Swarm Optimization Technique application to Power System Journal 2012 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
21 Profit based unit commitment and economic dispatch for IPPs with new Technique Journal 2012 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
22 Transmission Loss Reduction using Fully Informed Particle Swarm Optimization Journal 2012 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
23 Mapping of Power Distribution Network using Geographical Information System Journal 2012 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
24 Simulation of combined photovoltaic, Thermal Biogas Hybrid System Journal 2012 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
25 Meeting Load demand at least cost in De-centralized Electricity Environment Journal 2010 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
26 Intelligent Object Pattern Recognition using Ensembles in Back propagation Neural Network Journal 2010 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
27 Management and Conservation of Electrical Energy in Industrial Units Journal 2010 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
28 Impacts of Proposed Utilization of Various Indigenous Coal Reserves for Power Generation on Production Cost and Environment Journal 2010 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
29 Optimal Load Dispatch and Electricity Trading through Power Exchanges in Deregulated Electricity Markets Journal 2009 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
30 Simulation analysis of emissions trading impact on a non-utility power plant Journal 2009 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
31 Optimization of dynamic performance of WAPDA power system using excitation system Journal 2008 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
32 Distribution system monitoring using remote point simplex differential event data transmission at real time taken Journal 2008 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
33 Analysis of Spot Prices Arrangement in Deregulated Electricity Market Journal 2007 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
34 Soft starter of an induction motor using neural network based feedback estimator Journal 2007 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
35 A Solution to the Challenges in the Deregulated Environment-II Journal 2005 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
36 An Intranet based distributed system Economic Dispatch system for Interconnected Thermal power Plants Journal 2005 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
37 To Minimize the Outage by Application of RTV (Room Temperatures Valcanizing), Silicon Coating on High Voltage Porcelain Insulators in Pakistan Journal 2003 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
38 Optimal Vars Compensation Planning on Radial Distribution Feeder Journal 2004 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
39 Modeling Improvement of Sub transmission System for Harmonic Analysis of High Voltage System Using Bilinear Theorem Conference 2000 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
40 Design of 3-phase Thyristor Controller Journal 1998 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
41 Optimization of Automatic Voltage Regulator for Synchronous Machine Journal 1988 Hafiz Tehzeeb ul Hassan
42 Comprehensive Comparison of PWM and SVM based Three Phase AC to AC Matrix Converters Journal 2016 Umair Tahir
43 Experience of teaching an introductory Biomedical Engineering Course for Undergraduate ECE Students in Pakistan Conference 2016 Ijlal Haider
44 ADRC and Middleware based Techniques for Networked Control Systems Conference 2015 Ijlal Haider
45 Sliding mode control for electromagnetic levitation system based on feedback linearization Conference 2015 Ijlal Haider
46 Stochastic model based dynamic power estimation of microprocessor using Imperas simulator Conference 2016 Awais Yousaf
47 40Gb/s 4-QAM OFDM Radio over Fiber System at 60 GHz Employing Coherent Detection Journal 2015 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
48 Outage Analysis of RF/FSO Using Incremental and Selective Relay Technique Conference 2016 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
49 Design of a High-Drive and Linear Class-AB Differential Amplifier in 90 nm CMOS Technology Journal 2015 Hafiz Muhammad Obaid
50 Simulation experiments to generate Broadband Chaos Using Dual-Wavelength Optically Injected Fabry Perot Laser Journal March 2016 Hafiz Muhammad Obaid
51 Performance Comparison of a WDN PON with TDM PON at 10 Gbps Journal 2014 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
52 Design and Simulation of Photonic Crystal Fibers to Evaluate Dispersion and Confinement Loss for Wavelength Division Multiplexing Systems Journal 2014 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
53 Design and Implementation of Automatic Logging of Telephone Calls at the Subscriber End Journal 2006 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
54 Development of a Computer Aided Learning Methodology for Engineering Education Journal 2006 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
55 Removal of Pedestals and Noise from Non-Linearly Compressed Optical Pulses Journal 2003 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
56 Internet Traffic Handling in Telecommunication Networks Journal 2001 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
57 Design of MODEM for Data Communication on Power Lines Journal 2001 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
58 Re-Engineering the Engineering Education in Pakistan Journal 2000 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
59 Performance Analysis of Existing Local Loop in Pakistan for ISDN Environment Journal 1999 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
60 Packet Switching: An Introduction Journal 1991 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
61 An NMOS SC Phase Locked Loop System Journal 1988 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
62 Building Blocks for Monolithic Analog Systems Journal 1988 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
63 SC Circuits Realizing Bilinear z-Transform Journal 1986 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
64 Current Trends in Switched Capacitor Network Design Journal 1983 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
65 Analysis and Application of Scalable Non-linear Equalization in 112Gbit/s DP-64QAM Coherent Transmission over Single Mode Fibers Conference 2012 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
66 Effective Negative Kerr Non-linear Coefficient Using Highly Non-linear Fibers: A Scalable Backward Propagation Approach Conference 2012 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
67 Photonic Signal Generation with Frequency Hopping for DWDM based Radio over Fiber Systems Conference 2010 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
68 Controlling the Degree of Chaos in EDFRL by Adjusting Duty Cycle and Phase of the Modulating Signal Conference 2010 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
69 Effect of Transmission Fiber and Amplifier Noise on Optical Chaos Synchronization Conference 2010 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
70 Development of Short Backfire Antenna Fed by H-shaped Excitation Structures Conference 2010 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
71 Gain and Bandwidth Enhancement of Patch Antenna Fed by Coplanar Waveguide at 10GHz Conference 2009 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
72 Radio Frequency Optimization QoS Evaluation in Operational GSM Network Conference 2009 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
73 EATSAL: An Energy Aware Task Scheduling Algorithm for Hybrid Networks Conference 2009 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
74 Establishment of Global Islamic Virtual University for Engineering Education Conference 2008 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
75 High Precession Measurement Setup for the Spectral Gain of EDWA in a Low Signal Regime Conference 2008 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
76 Stabilizing Harmonically Mode Locked Fiber Laser Conference 2007 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
77 Experimental Observation of Soliton Evolution at Discrete Spatial Intervals Conference 2007 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
78 Personal Identification System by Using Fiber Bragg Gratings and LabView Conference 2007 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
79 SIP Design and Analysis of 5GHz Wireless LAN Receiver Front-Ends Conference 2007 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
80 Effect of Acidic Rain on Hydrophobicity of Silicon Rubber Used as Electrical Insulation Conference 2007 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
81 Chip Package Co-Design of Receiver Front-End For 4G Mobile Phones Conference 2007 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
82 Development of Shooter Training Kit alongwith Graphical Imitation Conference 2007 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
83 High Bit Rate Soliton Generation by Means of Superimposed Grating Conference 2006 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
84 Microsystems Packaging Roadmap For Next Generation Wireless Receivers Conference 2006 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
85 Teacher Professional Development: The Implementation Strategy Conference 2006 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
86 Challenges Facing Engineering Education in Developing Countries and Recent Efforts by the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Conference 2006 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
87 Educational Engineering Courseware Development Conference 2006 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
88 A Novel Computer Aided Learning Technique in Engineering Education Conference 2005 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
89 Resource Management in Cellular Network Systems Conference 2005 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
90 Precise Measurement of Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) for Characterization of SMF PMF and Optical Devices using WLI Conference 2004 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
91 Development of a High Precision Interferometric Set-up for the Measurement of Polarization Mode Dispersion Conference 2004 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
92 The Combined Impact of Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) and Higher Order Dispersion on Transmission Characteristics of Solitons Conference 2004 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
93 Approaching the Simulative Robustness of EDFA at Ultra Short Pulses Incorporating Higher Order Dispersive Parameters Conference 2004 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
94 Simulation and design of EDFAs for Long-Haul Soliton Based Communication Systems Conference 2003 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
95 Comparison of S-parameters based and non-linear model based power amplifier designing techniques Conference 2014 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
96 Pulse Compression of 60-GHz Passive Mode Locked Multimode Semiconductor Laser Using Optical Self injection Locking Technique Conference 2012 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
97 Polarization Mode Dispersion Measurement Techniques: A Review Conference 2007 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
98 Short Pulse Generation Using Passively Mode-Locked Figure-Eight Fiber Lasers Conference 2007 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
99 Use of Modern Technology for Teaching, Self-Learning and Students’ Self-Assessment Conference 2007 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
100 Design and Comparison of Various Passive Components of a 5 GHz Wireless LAN Applications Conference 2004 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
101 Producing a scalable sensory precision worth ness of optical sources including PMD measures for high speed optical networks Conference 2004 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
102 Re-Engineering the Engineering Education in Pakistan Conference 1999 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
103 Impact of Multimedia on the 21st century; Trends and Challenges to Our Society Conference 1997 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
104 Evolution of Software Technology for Telecommunications Conference 1995 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
105 Completely Integrable Analog Systems Conference 1983 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
106 Gain Flattening of DWDM Channels for the Entire C L Bands Journal 2012 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
107 Comparative Analysis of Chaotic Properties of Optical Chaos Generators Journal 2012 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
108 Achieving Gain Flattening with Enhanced Bandwidth for Long Haul WDM Systems Journal 2012 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
109 Generation of Higher Degree Chaos by Controlling Harmonics of the Modulating Signal in EDFRL Journal 2011 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
110 Wavelength Reuse for Uplink on Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) Single Fiber Ring for Radio over Fiber (ROF) Broadband Systems with Downlink Signal Generation in Optical Domain Journal 2011 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
111 Development of Wideband Compact Leaky Wave Cavity Antenna”, Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers (JCIE), Vol 34, No 6, Sep 2011 Journal 2011 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
112 Compact Circularly Polarized Short Backfire Antenna with Improved Bandwidth and Less Radiations Blockage Journal 2011 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
113 Effect of Parametric Variation on Generation and Enhancement of Chaos in Erbium Doped Fiber Ring Laser Journal 2010 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
114 Reconfigurable Circularly Polarized Compact Short Backfire Antenna Journal 2010 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
115 Design and Software Implementation of Efficient Speech Recognizer Journal 2010 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
116 Solitons Interaction and Their Stability Based on Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation Journal 2009 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
117 Cost Effective Dual Band Short Backfire Antenna Journal 2009 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
118 Stabilized Mode Locked Fiber Laser Journal 2007 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
119 Development of a Test set-up for Precise Measurement of Polarization Mode Dispersion in Single-mode and Polarization-maintaining Fibers and for Characterization of Optical Devices Journal 2006 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
120 Microsystems Packaging Roadmap for Next Generation Wireless Receivers Journal 2006 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
121 Soliton Splitting Under the Combined Impact of PMD and Higher Order Dispersive Effects Journal 2006 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
122 Simple Switched Capacitor Voltage Controlled Oscillator Journal 1983 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
123 40Gb/s 4-QAM OFDM Radio over Fiber System at 60 GHz Employing Coherent Detection Journal 2014 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
124 Development of Fixed Frequency Beam Steering Wide Band Leaky Wave Cavity Antenna Journal 2012 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
125 R Asif, M K Islam and M Zafrullah “All-Optical Signal Processing of Fiber Impairments in Dual-Polarization 112Gbit/s m-ary QAM Coherent Transmission Journal 2013 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
126 Vehicular Adhoc Networks History And Future Development Arenas Journal 2013 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
127 Characterization of 60 GHz Multi Quantum Well Passively Mode-locked Laser under Optical Self Injection Locking Journal 2013 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
128 S Z Ali, M K Islam and M Zafrullah, “Effect of Transmission Fiber on Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexed (DWDM) Chaos Synchronization Journal 2013 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
129 Effect of message parameters in Additive Chaos Modulation in Erbium Doped Fiber Ring Laser (EDFRL) Journal 2013 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
130 Content Searching Scheme with Distributed Data Processing Service in Content Centric Networking Journal 2014 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
131 Performance Analysis of BER optimization in WDM systems using EDFA Journal 2013 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
132 Simulation and Analysis of Gaussian Apodized Fiber Bragg Grating Strain Sensor Journal 2012 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
133 Comb generation using Multi Quantum Well (MQW) Passively Mode locked Laser for WDM systems Journal 2014 Dr.Muhammad Zafrullah
134 Mobile Based Social Encyclopedia Journal 2013 Salman Rashid
135 Gas Management and Disaster System Using ZigBee Journal 2013 Salman Rashid
136 Half Cycle Pairs Method for Harmonic Analysis of Cycloconverter Voltage Waveform Conference 2013 Naveed Ashraf
137 P and T peak Parameter Detection in ECG Signals Conference 2015 Ijlal Haider
138 Stochastic Based Neighbor Exploration in 60 GHz Networks Conference 2015 Raheel Muzzammel
139 Optimization of Discrete-Time Controller Applied to DC-DC Step-Down Converter Conference 2015 Muhammad Usman Asad
140 Compensation of the Nonlinearities Present in the Digital Control Loop Conference 2015 Muhammad Usman Asad
141 Impact of HVDC Grid Segmentation Topology on Transient Stability of HVDC-Segmented Electric Grid Conference 2015 Rehan Naeem
142 Analysis of Path Losses and Isolation in 60 GHz Networks and Design of Intelligent Neighbor Scanning Conference 2015 Raheel Muzzammel
143 Non Linear Analytical Approaches of Power Flow Analysis and Voltage Profile Improvement Conference 2015 Raheel Muzzammel
144 Forward and Inverse Problem Formulation of Optical Tomography Based on Equation of Radiative Transfer Journal 2015 Raheel Muzzammel
145 Non cascaded short term hydrothermal scheduling usinf Fully Informed Particle Swarm Optimization Journal 2015 Muhammad Salman Fakhar
148 Comparative Analysis and Implementation of Efficient Digital Image Watermarking Schemes Journal 2012 Muhammad Bilal Ahmed
149 An Initial Study of PID and Fuzzy PID Controller Design for Non-Linear SI Engine Speed and AFR Control Conference 2014 Ijlal Haider
150 Feature Extraction for Identification of Extension/ Flexion Movement of Wrist using EMG Signals Conference 2015 Ijlal Haider
151 Importance of Noise Models in FSO Communications Journal 2014 Dr.Muhammad Nasir Khan
152 Low complexity linear precoding scheme for interference management in femtocell networks Conference 2014 Dr.Ishtiaq Ahmad
153 Spectrum sharing and energy-efficient power optimization for two-tier femtocell networks, Conference 2014 Dr.Ishtiaq Ahmad
154 Joint price and power allocation under interference constraint for dynamic spectrum access networks Conference 2014 Dr.Ishtiaq Ahmad
155 Price based spectrum sharing and power allocation in cognitive femtocell network Conference 2013 Dr.Ishtiaq Ahmad
156 Game theoretic approach for joint resource allocation in spectrum sharing femtocell networks Journal 2014 Dr.Ishtiaq Ahmad
158 State Estimation and Volt-Var Control in Smart Distribution Grid Journal 2013 Muhammad Salman Fakhar
159 Block Aging Prevention Technique (BAP) for Flash Based Solid State Disks Conference 2011 Saba Zia
160 Flash Aging Prevention Technique (FAP) for Flash Based Solid State Disks Conference 2011 Saba Zia
161 Analysis of Different Power Grid Segmentation And Transmission Schemes For Power System Security Improvement Journal 2015 Rehan Naeem
162 Comparison of Economic Models for Two Differently Configured Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems From User Electricity Bill Perspective Conference 2014 Awais Yousaf
163 Adaptive Energy Estimation and Hacking of Continuous Phase for CPM Modem Jamming Conference 2013 Awais Yousaf
164 High Performance Fine Grained Dynamic Power Estimation Technique for Multilevel Caches using Architectural Simulator – Imperas Conference 2013 Awais Yousaf
165 Effect of Jamming Technique on the Performance of Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Modem Conference 2011 Awais Yousaf